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Русская реклама в Сент-Питерсберге, Флорида
Портал русскоговорящего Сент-Питерсберга, Флорида
Русская реклама в Сент-Питерсберге, Флорида
Портал русскоговорящего Сент-Питерсберга, Флорида
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RussianTown Magazine

russian advertising st. petersburg, russian media, floridaThe RussianTown magazine is the most widely read Russian-language publication in St. Petersburg and the whole USA. This is a monthly magazine for a very broad audience of readers ranging from 18 years of age to...infinity.

The basis for this popular project was the idea to create a source of useful and fascinating information in Russian. As a result, the pages of the magazine have been full of fascinatingly interesting publications: entertaining and informative articles, exclusive interviews, news, advice, success stories, and much more. At the same time, the magazine performs very important functions- maintaining language contact, uniting people together, and giving the feeling of something close and dear. This is the territory of communication, search for like-minded people, and of course, progress towards success.  

Russian-speaking residents of St. Petersburg and the United States are very diverse, but everyone is engaged in some sort of business. Everyone has something to tell through the Russian-American press. No matter how deeply our compatriots integrate into American society, sooner or later they need to purchase goods or use the service from Russian speakers. And the best advertising platforms in the US are the magazine Russian Town and the network RussianTownUSA

Advertising in Russian Town is not an imposition of a product or service. This is proven information that effectively finds the shortest path to the target audience. Real people with their pressing needs are hidden behind the dry words “target audience” and these people speak the same language as you. 

If you have a business, whether it’s an individual enterprise or a huge corporation, the RussianTown magazine and all-American information and entertainment network RussianTown USA are at your service. What is this network like? In addition to the magazine and its official site, it presents 32 content-rich Internet portals dedicated to certain US cities with the largest Russian-speaking communities. It is no longer necessary to roam the Internet in search of information about what this or that city offers and where it’s located: we collected this information for you. 

The magazine if free, which means that absolutely everyone can get access to the information. Our polls show that the magazine is read by entire families and passed on to friends, relatives, and colleagues. Each issue, even if it’s not the latest one, lives a long life and continues to bring information to readers. This happens not only on paper, but also in the Internet space and social networks. Access to electronic content is also free and it includes a whole lot of useful services on all 32 new sites which offer the placement of ads, vacancies, job search, “yellow pages”, and dating. Each site has an electronic version of the magazine- you can download any issues. 

So, if you sell products or services that may be in demand among Russian-speaking residents of the United States, the best option for you is advertising in the magazine Russian Town and the network RussianTown USA. You will become known all over America! Our printed and electronic publications are trusted as a proven source and you can rest assured that we won’t send you in the wrong direction. 

There are a lot of options for publishing information:

Advertising in the printed version of RussianTown. It’s present on each of 32 sites and, accordingly, your advertisement will appear on all these sites
Placement in business directories on all 32 sites
The most reasonable option is placing an ad in the business directory of one of the sites of your choice
Banners on one, several, or all 32 sites
Videos and presentations on the official YouTube channel RussianTown
Magazine advertising can be performed in the form of articles, interviews, notes, announcements, and business cards
Offer your own format, everything will be considered since we are all about creative approach!

All you have to do is to choose an option based on your goals, service geography, and budget. Promoting your business with us, you won’t just gain loyal customers and improve your own well-being, but also develop a worthy image and reputation in the business community. In addition, you can also avoid the actual hassle of promoting your business in the Internet- don’t waste your time trying to figure it out yourself because we will do it for you! Cooperation with us is interesting not only to local entrepreneurs, but also to companies from different countries that have the desire to promote their goods and services in the US market. 

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you, dear readers and advertisers! Thanks to you, we feel confident about our abilities.

Now everyone has their own Russian Town in St. Petersburg and the USA!